About Us

Good Time Trunk Co is the brainchild of Jake and Lei-Ahna.

Jake has always loved boardies. They’re his ‘shoes & handbags’, and he reckons you can never have too many pairs. Since forever he’s always tried to have boardies that are a little ‘different’ to those that everyone else is wearing. Through his teens & early twenties, he conned his mum into copying the patterns of his favorite pairs, then re-creating home-made versions.
Hunting fabric stores and op-shops, he found kids curtains and cheesy Hawaiian shirts for his mum to convert. Many didn’t long survive the rough and ready rigors of a young larrikin lifestyle, but these ‘home brand’ boardies became some-what of a signature. Jake and his mates loved them, and to this day a couple of pairs (that haven’t torn, worn-out or gone see-through) are still in the group’s communal wardrobe. It was this deep-seeded love affair with boardshorts, that later combined with an even deeper love for spending quality time with his kids, that lead to the creation of Good Time Trunk Co.

We’re well aware that black is the new black, and that “monochrome” is all kinds of hip – but that’s just not Good Time Trunk Co.
The ideal of Good Time Trunk Co is deliberately not following a trend. It’s intentionally not being the common denominator. Purposely veering away from what is currently saturating store shelves. Good Time Trunk Co is the black sheep, in full colour.